Case Studies

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The Barcliff Group

Talk about a daring move – The Barcliff Group decided to boldly address how Medical Industry can do better. For them, it was crucial to go beyond doing the expected and address what it really means to achieve progress in healthcare. So they reached out to NueWay Studios to help them revamp their image and communicate the importance of amplifying voices that have been historically sidelined or discriminated against.


Since 2018, the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (NRFC), an Office of Family Assistance-funded Government organization dedicated to promoting strong fathers, has turned to NueWay Studios to help them create engaging video content and graphics. With NueWay’s witty and creative touch, they have been given the tools they need to ensure dad-friendly messages reach their target audience. NRFC is a leader in Government-supported paternity initiatives and we’re proud it chose our services to help get its message out there.


Broadband and IT services can be confusing terms, but not when it comes to Keenlogic! With NueWay Studios by their side, the dynamic duo has made quick work of creating innovative solutions for their federal clients that have never been seen before. Not to mention, they’ve also rebranded and repositioned themselves as top-notch tech experts – making sure everyone knows just how cutting-edge their Broadband and IT solutions are. It’s time to get excited, folks; Keenlogic is a trendsetter!

Greenhouse Adult Day Services

The Greenhouse Adult Day Service provides a welcome sanctuary for seniors looking for dependable daycare services. With an emphasis on offering quality care, this startup went searching for a brand developer that would instill trust in Service Providers and showcase all they have to offer. After extensive research, they finally found the perfect choice with NueWay Studios, who specialize in brand development.

Fathers Incorporated

Fathers Incorporated made the intriguing decision to enlist the help of NueWay Studios to promote their State-Wide Campaign for Gentle Warriors Academy. GWA is the professional development and training curriculum division of Fathers Incorporated. By stunningly melding innovation and creativity, Fathers Incorporated made a splash throughout the state of Georgia with their non-profit mission. It was an ambitious undertaking and one which we are all incredibly proud on how it unfolded.

Keen Logic

Keenlogic is a leader in Broadband and IT services, and they provide innovative solutions to their federal clients. But they needed to make their message clear and highlight the novel solutions they brought to the market, which their clients had not experienced before. This involved a rebranding and repositioning process that NueWay was invited to execute.

Spondylitis Association of America

Let us start with the fact that we love to get our detective gear out and uncover clues in corporate structures. It is one of the most exciting aspects of what we do! When the Spondylitis Association of America approached us with their brand audit request, having experience in the health industry, we knew we were in for a treat!

Fathers Forward

Eugene Shencberg, the founder of Fathers Forward, is driven by a mission to redefine families in America, beginning with the most often absent but cortical pillar in the family – fathers.

Lyght House Cocktails

Lyght House Cocktails, Atlanta, GA, aimed to bring a novel and innovative experience in the world of wine-tasting and mixology to their customers. With bespoke events and exquisite beverages and mixers, they needed to position their brand in the best position to capture their customers' attention.


The National Home Infusion Association (NHIA) is the nation’s leading educator, advocate, and resource provider on issues, solutions, and technology impacting the home and specialty infusion therapy community. For over 28 years, NHIA has been a voice and support for manufacturers, suppliers, and service companies providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions for patients requiring infusion therapy.


Competition in the technology market is stiff. Any business looking to stand out in that market must have a highly strategic branding plan.

Fathers Incorporated

Fathers Incorporated recognizes the negative impact children face when fathers are not active in their lives. They seek to eliminate or reduce that impact by equipping and empowering fathers using various forms of support and parental education.

DJMD's Playlist

DJMD’s Playlist realized that their image and their music had to go hand-in-hand in order to create enough buzz, awareness and demand.

Restoring the Years Global Ministry

As the world evolves and attention spans shrink, strategies to stand out and be relevant become more and more challenging.

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