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Keenlogic is a leader in Broadband and IT services, and they provide innovative solutions to their federal clients. But they needed to make their message clear and highlight the novel solutions they brought to the market, which their clients had not experienced before. This involved a rebranding and repositioning process that NueWay was invited to execute.



Charday Oldacre
Creative Director

Client's Industry:


Project Date
May 2021 - Ongoing




The existing online presence and portfolio did not capture the essence of the brand. KeenLogic offers a unique angle to its customers. This market offering lies in the purpose of the brand and the origin story. Most importantly, what motivated the team at KeenLogic to provide the services they do. They offer services to federal clients and have a very inclusive workplace. Keenlogic did not adequately capture this uniqueness in the brand story, and we needed to put it on the frontline.


The website fell short of providing a clear-cut representation of the company’s services. Keenlogic offers a unique leadership role in IT, and their partners are top federal agencies. Still, vital winning advantages like these were hidden on the website outlay and not highlighted as they should have been. It took a while for potential customers to discover the work they had done.

The brand has a uniqueness in the founder’s story. It was a good pivot to draw in potential customers. Still, this crucial detail about the brand was left out of the website when it could have improved visibility, fostered Nue connections, and overall customer relationships.

Keenlogic needed an entirely Nue tag line to capture the brand promise and spell it out to customers showing the robust and dominant ruler archetype that established Keenlogic as a leader in the industry. Finally, the colour themes on the website did not edify the visual presentation of the brand.


As a growing company, Keenlogic needed a holistic strategy to add the right customers to their clientele. They provided specific services to federal clients, and that group of customers responded to offers in a particular way. The offerings had to be professional, direct, very informative, and solution-based.


The website fell short of providing a cIn line with a Nue marketing strategy that spoke to their partners, we realized KeenLogic needed to go a step ahead in securing RFP responses. They needed to provide designs and animations that spoke for themselves and could attest to the reputation of their work.


At the core of every brand’s messaging and promise is the content they put on their website. The original copy on Keenlogic’s website was brief and overly simplistic. KeenLogic needed to expose the unique services and clientele they had.




We created a holistic brand that connected to the customers. Our adjustments to the brand representation placed it as the premier service for all things Broadband and Information Technology. We highlighted the brand’s key differentiator in the industry: redefining the broadband services typically offered to federal agents by improving capability and reach.


We changed the overall outlay of the website and optimized the critical information, putting them on-center spread where visitors and users needed to see it.

We created a Nue tagline that captured the brand’s core and positioned it as the ruler archetype in the industry.

The Nue colors and themes are more integrated and flow with Keenlogic’s representation and style.

We pivoted on the founder’s story and created a crafting image that we knew customers would love and find relatable.


We efficiently integrate sales support tools and a strategy that repositioned Keenlogic’s offering to its clients and clearly defined its brand promise.


We created a 3D animation video to help them win RFP responses.

We provided concept development 3D reengineering.


NueWay wrote the content to highlight Keenlogic, an Information Technology leader who offered the best innovative services in the industry.


Charday and the NueWay team were great to work with and they create fantastic products. I highly recommend them!