The Best Way To Get Donations Is Through Storytelling. Let Us Help You Tell Yours.

As a non-profit organization, it is in your best interest to get people to donate to your cause. You want to be able to present your story in a way that is clear, concise, and easy for people to understand.

You also want to be able to connect with potential donors on an emotional level. At NueWay, we are skilled in helping nonprofits attract donors and share their stories.

Unlike the old ways of advertising, where you would have to rely on print or television ads, we live in a NUE world where digital marketing is king. From social media management to attractive, colorful, and bold website design, we can help you get the attention of potential donors.

There are a lot of ways to voice your story. And NueWay Studios can help you with that. From writers to video editors, we will help you compel your story in the most amazing way.

Learn Ways To Stand Out In A Sea Of Sameness

Don't know how to be different? This can help.

  • Stand out from the competition by being different
  • Get creative ideas to stand out and appeal  to customers
  • Learn how to develop your own personal style for business
  • Use tried and true marketing techniques that still work

The Nue Way of Helping Non-Profit Organizations

A start-up or a decade-old organization, NueWay Studios knows exactly what it
takes to step up your game in the online world.
We help in the following ways:

Create a Marketing Plan

With arrays of tools, software, and platforms, it can be overwhelming to know where to start or what to use. Our team of experts will help you create a marketing plan that is tailored specifically for your non-profit organization.

By this, we will be able to assist you in identifying your target audience, attracting supporters, and encouraging old and nue donors to continue or start supporting your cause

We value all of the partnerships that we form along the way. You can rest easy knowing that we’ll always aim for the long-term success of the brands we work with.

Build a Better
Engagement Plan

By understanding how your audiences’ and donors’ minds work, we can help you better connect with them. We will help you design an engagement plan that is focused on emotion and storytelling.

This can also provide you with a detailed report and analysis of why your visitors are coming to your site, what actions they are taking, and how you can improve their experience. With better engagement, you can build a community that will last.

Build a Strategy to
Maximize Platforms

As a non-profit, you are most likely using multiple platforms to reach out to your audience. But are you using them effectively?

With NueWay’s holistic approach, we will help you come up with strategies to make the most out of the platforms you are using. From graphic design, website development, and video production, to social media marketing, NueWay Studios can help.

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