Global Business Leaders Magazine recognizes NueWay Studios as number 7 in the top 20 leading companies of 2021. |
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Global Business Leaders Magazine recognizes NueWay Studios as number 7 in the top 20 leading companies of 2021.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Global Business Leaders Magazine is a prestigious news and media company that celebrates and highlights exceptional business leaders and companies across diverse operation fields. Their mission is to “exalt the contributions of leaders who have been the emissary for their respective industries. They give innovative leaders a platform to share their inspiring stories and success formulas. The features are riveting, personal, educative, inspiring, and full of opportunities for aspiring business leaders to tap. It also presents these creative game-changers as role models for those who seek to pursue the same line of work.

The Global Business Leaders Magazine Award has run for over 5 consecutive years. Each year, they recognize and celebrate innovative leaders and businesses who focus on novel and unique ways of delivering value-added services to customers as much as they increase profitability. These businesses must be the dominant force in the industry, have a winning team strategy, integrated and progressive work culture, and more empathy to service their end-users. This year’s lineup was no different as the most explosive companies that outperformed their peers in the year were awarded. These companies adopted unique business models in their market space and translated them into life-changing solutions for their end-users.

Global Business Leaders Magazine performed a deep explorative analysis of several companies’ operation models across ranging industries. They sought out key indicators to determine how well businesses perform in a competitive market. A significant conclusion that they reached, which turned out to be a deciding factor for the awardees, was for a company to have the right brand image, ensure smooth operations and connect to customers simultaneously. They judged NueWay Studios to be a leader on this front.

On May 17, 2021 , NueWay Studios was named by the prestigious Global Business Leaders magazine as one of the 20 Leading Companies of 2021. NueWay Studios is the leading brand development company in Atlanta, Georgia, that revitalizes brands, companies, and organizations by “providing the brand-aid to businesses,”  as the company’s motto clearly defines. They create websites, content, audios, and visuals that customers look for in picking and trusting a brand, and all of this is done by a creative, innovative, and highly skillful team.

The services they provide are:

  • Logo and Brand Development
  • 2D and 3D Animation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Print Design
  • Print Production
  • Branded Photography


NueWay Studios has a reputation for providing long-standing innovative solutions to entrepreneurs, start-ups and small business, mid-size businesses, non-profits, corporations, religious institutions, and bodies.

The Magazine feature exposed the ingenious business models NueWay Studios employed to create a new brand age by redefining the gap between creatives and customers. Under the inspired and visionary leadership of Charday Oldacre, NueWay Studios has grown to be a trend-setting branding company providing clients with original strategies and products that benefit them with a 25% increase in brand awareness and sales—exponentially increasing their revenue and growing a solid consumer base.

Charday stated in the feature that her leading principle to working with each client “is treating them like the most important figure to walk into the company.” This rare connection has helped NueWay design and lead outstanding campaigns and create stimulating results for each client. The work culture at NueWay is vibrant, creative, and skillful; every team player is encouraged to explore ideas and lead innovative solutions, which has helped NueWay Studios reach Nue horizons.

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