NueWay Studios is named one of the 30 Fastest-Growing Private Companies to Watch in 2021 by The Silicon Review. |
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NueWay Studios is named one of the 30 Fastest-Growing Private Companies to Watch in 2021 by The Silicon Review.

In May 2021 The Silicon Review gave NueWay Studios Atlanta, Georgia, the prestigious honor of being named a part of the 30 Fastest Growing Companies to Watch 2021. The magazine feature gave an exposé into the origin of NueWay Studios and how the company’s idea came to exist. It gave insight into the drive and vision of the company CEO Charday Oldacre and how she made the progressive ideas she had for the world of branding and brand management come to fruition. The interview breaks down NueWay’s unique branding and marketing strategies and the winning approach to providing their clients with excellent, satisfactory results.

The Silicon Review does not only celebrate outstanding companies with quantifiable results and improvements. It takes great care to research and bringing to light game-changers in the world of business, finance, and IT who take a compelling approach to care for their customers. This means they value and prioritize companies that do not chase numbers but the overall progress of their clients, seeing them function in the purpose and full potential they are intended to excel in.

In this interview, Charday Oldacre shares how this is a company ethos the NueWay team stands by. She explains how the humble foundations of her company drive her to seek more in her clients. Leaving her very stable and rewarding job to start with just -$35 in her checking account due to an overdraft and one-bedroom apartment for office space, she knows too well the importance of putting the purpose of a business before the profit it can get you. This is why with every project her company takes on, she centers her work on three things – defining the client’s voice, establishing their target audience and how they will benefit the most from the client’s business, and setting them apart from the competition.

Today, NueWay Studios has grown to be a dominant force in the branding industry, standing at over a half a million dollars evaluation, with a dynamic team of workers who proffer world-class innovative solutions, and a client base ranging from small business to large corporations, all successful and more improved with the NueWay touch.

About the Silicon Review

The Silicon Review is one of the world’s most trusted online and print communities for business & technology professionals. They have a thriving community of influential CEOs, CIOs, CEOs, IT VPs, and Managers from IT backgrounds.

It is the pre-eminent platform that shares innovative enterprise solutions developed by established solution providers and upcoming hot enterprises, emphasizing as a neutral source for technology decision-makers. This is where senior-level IT buyers and decision-makers come to learn and share their experiences in regards to products, technologies, and technology trends. They get expert advice to manage their people and advance their careers.

About NueWay Studios 

NueWay Studios provides innovative long-term solutions to entrepreneurs, small businesses, mid-size organizations, non-profits, corporations, religious institutions, and government agencies.

The services they provide are:

Logo and Brand Development

2D and 3D Animation

Digital Marketing

Content Marketing

Website Development

Print Design

Print Production

Branded Photography


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