Nue Analysis, Nue Brand Awareness

Competition in the technology market is stiff. Any business looking to stand out in that market must have a highly strategic branding plan. 

Crownz, a headphone company based in Atlanta, GA, needed help developing a brand story to connect with millennials.


The savvy leadership team at Crownz understood that the lack of a brand story and strategic plan to connect with their target audience made it more challenging for the company to clinch a steady, consistent share of the technology market. They also knew having a brand story was essential to build loyalty and trust with their customers. Crownz wanted to create a cohesive brand and position itself within the market to secure funding, upgrade their product, and be recognized as influential and innovative.


We conducted a market analysis to help the company identify ways to reach their target audience and achieve business goals. As a result of the market analysis, we conceptualized a Nue logo, brand palette, ad mockups, website and package design using colors that elicited a sense of luxury and style.


Our work and concepts helped Crownz identify gaps in their business plan and product production. Ultimately, they were able to streamline the manufacturing of the product and enhance their brand awareness.


Our thorough analysis of their market and the development of a strategic plan created a Nue level of brand awareness for Crownz.