Nue Focus, Nue Partnerships

Continued growth is the focus of many business owners, so when Cutie Cakes found it more challenging to secure Nue partnerships and connect with their target audience, they contacted NueWay Studios to lead their brand relaunch.


Impressed by our work with Mrs. Winner’s Chicken & Biscuits, Cutie Cakes felt we would be able to help them move in a Nue direction and secure funding needed to expand their brand.


Cutie Cakes is the brain-child of Aundrea Dumas, a native of Savannah, GA, with a vision to revolutionize baking. Passionate about the idea of making baking simple for all to enjoy — no matter how busy they were — Aundrea developed pre-made batter in a bottle, making homemade baked goods easy to enjoy without the messy, time-consuming effort traditionally required.


Influenced by her late grandmother and mother, Aundrea decided keep their legacy alive using the baking skills they taught her.


Prior to working with NueWay Studios, Cutie Cakes was able to secure product placement in a few Kroger stores because of its unique and innovative “batter in a bottle” product line. But as with any company, they desired to expand their partnership opportunities with more upscale retail partners. Cutie Cakes knew they needed to elevate the look and feel of their brand in order to secure the funding needed to generate more equity and brand awareness among their target market.


Because we had extensive experience and knowledge of the food and beverage industry, we knew that a rebrand – done right – would propel Cutie Cakes to Nue heights.

  • Solution #1 – Updated Logo: The old logo used a lime green color that didn’t fit the direction Cutie Cakes wanted to go. We presented a logo design with primary colors of pink, blue, and tan to convey a message of warmth, energy, passion, and playfulness. We replaced the old font with a classy, elegant script and added a quick, catchy description of the product’s purpose underneath the main logo wording.
  • Solution #2 – Branding Style: We felt the overall branding style should be youthful, family oriented, fun, and of course, cute. We incorporated colors, fonts, and images to tie the theme together and resonate with Cutie Cakes’ target audience.
  • Solution #3 – Ad Concepts: The ad mockups we created displayed images of families and friends, young and old, making memories with one another through the shared experience of baking. The images and colors illustrate family, happiness, fun, and youthfulness. We conceptualized billboard ads featuring young girls baking and website images showing the product in use.
  • Solution #4 – Tagline: The tagline, “The sweetness of the bakery right at home” draws in consumers looking for quick and easy ways to enjoy baked goods right within the comfort of their own kitchens.
  • Solution #5 – Photography: We conceptualized images that supported the brand themes of family, fun, and happiness. The images presented Cutie Cakes as a brand full of energy, in touch with their target audience, and ahead of others in its industry with its revolutionary approach to baking.


Cutie Cakes was able to use our branding elements and concepts to secure a partnership with Publix. Their products are scheduled to hit the shelves by mid-2019. They were also able to expand their existing partnership with Kroger, and their product will be available for purchase in more Kroger stores.


And the funding they were seeking? Secured! Cutie Cakes is scheduled to move into their own warehouse and start production of their latest product: cupcake batter in a pouch.


Cutie Cakes sought Nue partnerships and funding to secure their vision of revolutionizing modern baking. We’re glad we were there to help bring their Nue vision to life.