Nue Reach, Nue Levels

As the world evolves and attention spans shrink, strategies to stand out and be relevant become more and more challenging.


The need to gain attention doesn’t just apply to for-profit organizations, it applies to non-profit organizations like churches, too.


Yearning to appeal to millennials, increase church participation and engagements, Discover Life Church sought our expertise to help them implement a rebrand.


Discover Life Church is pastored by Roy and Krystal Barrett. They strive to provide a safe environment for individuals to discover their purpose, develop their potential and be deployed into a life of kingdom service.


After 10 years of ministry, Discover Life felt their messaging needed to evolve in order to communicate their renewed vision for the church. Initially hesitant to bring in an outside agency, Discover Life Church was impressed with NueWay’s rebranding pitch and decided to grant us the opportunity to help.


During our initial consultation, we uncovered the church’s goals and the challenges they faced. We then presented strategies to address their concerns around updated technology, increased engagement and participation, and a fresh, modern appeal to the millennial generation.

  • Solution #1 – Updated Logo: We designed a logo representing the church’s desire to evolve not just locally, but globally. The cross signifies the church’s devotion to the teachings of Jesus Christ and it covers an image of the world. We presented the logo with black, white, and color options.
  • Solution #2 – Branding Style: We selected primary colors that commanded attention and represented security while maintaining the professional look of an official organization.
  • Solution #3 – Marketing Materials: We created brochures, stationery, t-shirts, business cards, welcome cards, onboarding packets, and more with the Nue branded look, because continuity is essential to a successful branding project.
  • Solution #4 – Tagline: The tagline, “Helping You Discover Life in Christ” represents the church’s vision.
  • Solution #5 – Images: We conceptualized images for the church’s podcast and website. Pastors Roy and Krystal were photographed, as well. The images of the couple display the love and commitment between husband and wife. The images also evoke a feeling of trust among current and prospective members.
  • Solution #6 – Digital Marketing: We created a commercial to introduce the church to their target audience. We also provided actionable strategies to help them leverage social media to live stream worship services.


The church implemented our strategies and were able to attract more millennials to their congregation. Church engagement grew by 10 percent and their reach expanded globally. Discover Life’s weekly sermons have even been viewed by people in Indonesia, Europe, and Asia.


We also worked with the church to create a fundraising campaign called #InvestNYou with a goal of raising $100K. Using video and graphics, the campaign raised $80K in the first year. The second year, we created another fundraising campaign called “Big Give” and reached the target goal of $100K.


Discover Life Church was able to reach Nue levels of growth, engagement and enthusiasm within its congregation using our concepts and strategies.


“One of the greatest benefits of working with NueWay is that [they have a] unique ability to not only speak to the leaders but also the body so it filters down from the head and all the way down to the members. There is a contagious effect of excitement from NueWay that it bleeds into your overall organization.”