Nue Ownership, Nue Vision

Eager to win back the hearts and stomachs of Atlantans , Mrs. Winner’s Chicken and Biscuits contacted NueWay Studios to lead their brand relaunch.

Established in 1970, in Atlanta, Mrs. Winner’s faced financial difficulties in 2010 and filed for bankruptcy, closing all but 12 of its stores.

In 2012, John Buttolph purchased the company and began a mission to revive the beloved brand. Seeking a modern facelift, Mrs. Winner’s contacted NueWay Studios to conceptualize their rebranding efforts.


Mrs. Winner’s wanted to capture a younger demographic, while still remaining true to their core brand of servicing customers with the best in traditional comfort foods and southern hospitality. The company needed fresh ideas and Nue strategies to keep up with the ever-changing marketing environment.


NueWay Studios presented a variety of marketing strategies to enhance their social media presence, reach their targeted demographic, and relaunch their brand.

  • Solution #1 – Updated Logo: We presented a Nue logo design with a modern font featuring a polished illustration of a chicken as the brand mascot. The addition of a chicken readily identifies the core product to consumers who may not be familiar with the brand.
  • Solution #2 – Branding Style: We took the old colors and made them pop, making sure to draw out the red to create a sense of urgency and excitement. This branding style was consistent across the board: uniforms, website, packaging, digital menu boards, and building upgrades (interior and exterior surfaces).
  • Solution #3 – Ad Concepts: Ad mockups for billboards, bus stops, and other marketing materials were developed using product placement shaped as a competitive medal to symbolize the type of medals presented to winners during competitions. The visuals subconsciously send a message to consumers that they are winners by choosing to consume Winner’s food, while also playing on the brand’s name.
  • Solution #4 – Tagline: The tagline, “Bringing Families Back to the Winner’s Table” touches Mrs. Winner’s core value of providing comfort food to families and reintroducing the company to the market.
  • Solution #5 – Photography: We captured Nue branded photos and made sure they were mouth-watering images to draw the consumers in and evoke a desire to consume Mrs. Winner’s food.
  • Solution #6 – Character Development: We created a chicken character in the image of a matriarchal figure to speak in the brand voice and serve as a mascot of sorts for the company. Consumers identify with brand characters and it creates a connection between the brand and its targeted audience. The use of a matriarchal figure also draws upon consumers’ emotions toward their own mothers, grandmothers or other mother-like figures.


The concepts presented by NueWay Studios are currently being implemented by Mrs. Winner’s. With a better understanding of the millennial market they were looking to target, the company now has 14 locations throughout the southeast and is still growing. Now, the company is valued at approximately$10-$12 million.


Not a bad result for a company rising from the ashes and seeking a NueWay.