Nue Resource, Nue Message

Established by the Obama Administration, The National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (NRFC) is a nationally funded resource for fathers, practitioners, programs/Federal grantees, states, and the public at-large who are serving or interested in supporting strong fathers and families.


  • Be #1 resource for dads and a trusted voice in fatherhood advocacy,
  • Elevate the conversation around responsible fatherhood,
  • Serve as a training resource for non-profit and government agencies seeking to partner with fathers and parents.

NueWay Studios was invited to participate in developing and executing the NRFC’s rebranding efforts as an RFP subcontractor because of our past performance, in addition to a high recommendation from the Director of the NRFC.


With so many stakeholders to serve, the NRFC needed to identify their brand messaging and refresh the brand’s look and feel in order to serve as a relevant resource for fathers and organizations emphasizing fatherhood.

NueWay identified three main pain points that hindered the NRFC’s brand:
1. There was no clear brand messaging for the people NRFC served,
2. Lack of online engagement from audiences on social media,
3. Innovation methods needed to be improved


Solution #1: Discovery through surveys and data sorting

NueWay Studios first spent time researching and discovering the current value NRFC provides to their stakeholders by:

  • Launching a survey distributed to departments within the NRFC to get a snapshot of the organization from various perspectives
  • Sorting the data and analyzing the responses by noting common responses, patterns, and continuity of ideas,
  • Conducting online research


Solution #2: Clarifying the target audiences and their shared goals

Then, we highlighted the key stakeholders that had a vested interested in supporting the NRFC and sought to understand their perspectives.

Throughout this process, we were able to identify a common goal all stakeholders shared: making a change by changing the story around fatherhood in order to change the legacy of fatherhood.

Solution #3: Brand implementation strategy to strengthen brand perception

As a result, we focused on developing specific brand messaging and communication strategies for 4 key stakeholders: practitioners, federal staff, fathers and policymakers.

In order to change the brand perception of the NRFC among Practitioners and Fathers, we developed a social media strategy that would increase brand awareness, reinforce brand messaging and continue to innovate the brand. We did this by crafting a content distribution and publishing schedule in order to make sure messaging was consistent, to meet goals and capture measurable outcomes.

Finally, we unveiled a 4-phase brand implementation strategy in order to strengthen the brand perception of the NRFC for policymakers and Federal/State staff, which included:

  • A new logo (static and animated) and other branded marketing collateral
  • Web UX strategy
  • Video messaging
  • Usage guide
  • Annual report


The solutions developed and presented by NueWay Studios will be launched in 2020.