Nue Direction, Nue Energy

Evolution is essential to forward-thinking and growth.


Today, churches realize this concept is the foundation for increasing membership, relevance, and in a sense, keeping the lights on.


Restoring the Years Global Ministry (RTYGM) recognized their need to pivot and move in a Nue direction. The need for a strategic approach to enhancing the church culture and creating a more engaged congregation led RTYGM to reach out to NueWay Studios for guidance.

The successful rebrand of Discover Life Church was proof that NueWay Studios was more than capable of leading RTYGM’s transition to universal brand recognition.


RTYGM wanted a fresh approach and strategy to bring energy and focused direction to their ministry. The church desired to appeal to a universal audience, enhance ministry culture, and inspire congregational buy-in to the Nue vision. They knew a rebrand was necessary to accomplish this goal.


We presented a customer experience map for the church — a detailed strategy to help them capture what current members and visitors were looking for in a ministry like theirs.


Additionally, we also created the following:

  • Updated Logo: The logo represents strength and trust.
  • Branding Style: The primary colors create an emotion of positive energy and tranquility.
  • Marketing Materials: We created brochures, stationery, business cards, welcome cards, and onboarding packets to complete the branded theme.
  • Tagline: The tagline, “Creating an Environment of Unity to Change the Community” represents the church’s vision.


Set to launch officially later this year, RTYGM’s rebrand has already renewed the congregation’s commitment to the ministry’s vision. It has also reinvigorated the ministry and increased membership engagement.


The pastors are thrilled with the Nue energy and direction. We can’t wait to see what’s next for this promising ministry.