Nue Cause, Nue Identity.

The Barcliff Group dares to interpret how the Medical Industry goes beyond just getting the job done but getting to the heart of the actual work to be done—doing the hard work and amplifying voices of those that have been side-lined or discriminated against in the medical industry. This required a complete rebranding process, and NueWay Studios was invited to executive the project.


  • Branding. 
  1. The TBG archetype was conservative and introverted, as opposed to the ruler and leader, which best depicted the brand’s purpose. 
  2. The team culture is ambiguous as the employee roles and functions were not specified; hence, all the marketing and sales duties fell into the owner’s work portfolio. 
  3. Lack of defined roles further stressed the organizational structure, positioning the brand as a jack of all trades. 
  4. The brand had internal conflicts with pitch claims. The value proposition and brand promise to the clients were contradictory to its aim due to a poorly position brand archetype. 
  5. The Barcliff Group was exclusively linked to the founder’s brand. Hence, it faced the threat of stagnation. The brand did not have its unique identity or independence from the founder’s influence and story. 
  • Marketing.

The entire marketing model was not distinct to related companies in the Medical Industry. A survey into the market response to the brand showed the audience could not distinguish TBG from other NGOs and Healthcare companies that offered similar services. These conclusions by the audience were based on visuals and messaging. 

  • Visuals. 
  1. The logo was generic, and the placement of brand initials did not fully describe the brand name and mission. Therefore, the brand identity was quickly lost on the audience. 
  2. The website was not optimized to create a connection to the user or visitor. It featured minimal text and images that did not describe the true purpose and work of TBG. Most images on the website did not align with the text, tagline, tones, and messaging.


The medical work lacks drivers. People that could push the new wave of change and solutions in the industry. TBG has a passion for representation, women empowerment, and actionable change. It was our duty to reposition TBG this way.

  • Branding. 
  1. Repositioning the brand as an industry leader by reintroducing the Nue Brand archetype and logo, with the full name spelled out.
  2. Prioritizing creative style of hiring to bring in the best experts on board. This gives the brand an edge over competitors once the team is oriented as a family where all ideas are valued and applied.
  3. Proffering collective ownership- a value of the founder which proved to be a winning factor in the work culture. 
  4. Creating a Nue, distinct and independent identity for the brand. 
  • Marketing. 

Adopting an innovative approach to providing solutions to the Medical Industry that was relatable to the target market. 

  • Visuals. 
  1. Creating a logo that depicts the intended purpose and core activities of the brand. Thereby positioning TBG at the heart of the matter in the Healthcare Industry.
  2.  Applying colors that depict stability, loyalty, and trust.


Our work on TBG created a Nue brand living up to its full potential and inspiring everyone who walks into their doors to do the same.


I have been nothing short of amazed with Nueway Studios! Charday and her team are the absolute best – very professional, personable, exceptional service, and true experts in their craft. I sought out rebranding services and came out with so much more than a logo – they assisted in creating a movement for my business. They took the time to do a complete spectrum analysis (industry, personal, business impact, current state, desired state, etc.) and “planted the flag” on how to get my business to its new horizon. I was able to fine-tune by brand and messaging to customers. Charday was even thoughtful enough to send a relevant industry article to assist with my new brand identity transition. I highly recommend them for your marketing and development needs!